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Getting Your Family Member Out of Jail After Arrest

Oftentimes, a family member or friend is arrested with no notice after being accused of a crime.  When this happens, those close to that person (“the accused”) generally have many questions, first among them being, “How can I get him/her out of jail?”  Although officers will sometimes simply take the accused to jail and release them after booking for certain offenses, oftentimes the accused will have to wait in jail until he or she is brought in front of a judge, who will decide whether the accused will be released on bond, or the judge’s order that the person cannot be released from jail until his or her case is over until he or she signs legal paperwork that requires him or her to pay a certain amount of money up front, or sometimes after the fact, if he or she breaks any rules the judge has ordered, including attending all court hearings, not updating his or her required contact information with the courts, or not committing crimes while released from jail on bond.  Oftentimes, the person will be held in jail until the next day (or Monday if it is a weekend) when the judge is scheduled to review new cases that day.

If a loved on has been arrested and is waiting in jail for a court hearing, the based thing you can do is call an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss representation so that you can maximize your chances of having that person released from jail.  Studies suggest that those who are released from jail have a statistically better chance of getting a better outcome in their legal case.  Additionally, it is important that if you are talking to a loved one on the phone from jail you tell them not to say a word about their case to anyone except a defense attorney because jail calls are recorded and inmates oftentimes may have incentive to report to police and exaggerate what the accused told them about their case to help the inmate reduce the amount of trouble he or she is in by providing incriminating information against the accused.  Again, if your loved on is arrested, it is important to call an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to maximize the chances that your loved one will be released from jail as soon as possible and have the best outcome with his or her case.

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