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The experienced attorneys at Kaehne, Cottle, Pasquale & Associates, S.C. have a long history of helping fellow Wisconsinites win justice, both in and out of the courtroom.  Though we cannot comment on your specific case or on what outcomes you can expect, we can tell you about some of the results we’ve helped our clients achieve.  Below are some of their stories and case results, in their words.

“Got My OWI Dismissed” | OWI Case Handled by Attorney Chadwick Kaehne

“I hired Chad Kaehne for an OWI. He was the second lawyer on the case. My first lawyer did nothing but charge me money. I had 3 scheduled trial dates with my first lawyer that ended up getting pushed back a day or so before the trial without my knowledge or permission. Each time, as well, I would get a bill from my first lawyer for several, several hours at $250 per hour for “preparation for trial” even though it was his decision to push it back. Based on all this, I fired my first lawyer after paying over $5,900 and decided to look for another lawyer. After a neighbor friend of mine used another lawyer from Chad Kaehne’s firm for a child custody battle and said he got everything he wished, I decided to give the firm a call and set up a meeting. I was told I would be meeting with Chad Kaehne. I showed up to the appointment with all my paperwork and the squad video from my case. From the moment I met Chad, I liked him. He simply told me to explain what happened and he listened. He asked me what my goals were and he listened. He read through the police reports and he actually grabbed a laptop computer right on spot and threw in the squad video DVD to watch. I made clear I wanted to go to trial and he accepted my case. Chad filed his papers with the court and got it set for trial. The FIRST trial date was not pushed back and we went forward. I was found not guilty and the case was dismissed. I need a regular license for my job. If I would have been revoked, I would of lost my job of 14 years. I told Chad my livelihood was on the line. He recognized the seriousness of the case and worked on it in a hard and dedicated way. I would not have a job if it wasn’t for Chad, and Jason too. Hire Chad if you need a great lawyer for an OWI case!” – Robert Church (see review on Avvo)

“My Alimony Obligation Was Terminated for Good” | Divorce Case Handled by Attorney Nicholas Pasquale

“I retained Nic Pasqaule for a post-divorce case brought by my ex-wife who wanted me to pay her more alimony per month. Because she initiated the court case for more money than originally agreed upon by her and approved by the judge when we got divorced, I figured I would ask the judge just to end my alimony payments all together. Nic got started right away. He shot off requests to obtain her updated financial information and inquired about her live-in, 3.5-year boyfriend. We discovered that they were sharing expenses, had a joint bank account and, essentially, were living like a married couple. We also discovered that she had commented to a friend that the reason she was avoiding marrying the guy was so she could continue to receive alimony from me. Nic discovered all of this and exposed it to the judge. Nic mastered the background and knew my ex’s financial situation better than she did in court. It was actually entertaining to watch. Ultimately, I won and my alimony obligation was terminated for good with only one last final, small payment to my ex. Now my ex-wife cannot come back for any more money from me. I could not have done this without without Nic. Even my ex-wife, about a month after all the court was done, said she wished she would have hired Nic instead of the lawyer she did. Nic is a beast of a lawyer! Kept me informed constantly and even would call me on his cell phone any time I needed him. If you need an awesome lawyer to get results, hire Nic Pasquale.” – Jason R. (see review on Avvo)

“They Decided to Settle and Relocate the Asphalt Plant” | Municipal-Law Case Handled by Attorney Corey Mehlos

“I hired Corey to help me oppose a multimillion dollar corporation’s efforts to build an asphalt plant near my property. My neighbors and I were very concerned about the low water table level next to the plant and the potential for a spill that would cause irreversible damage to our wells. When I hired Corey, it seemed like the plant was a done deal and would be impossible to stop. Nonetheless, despite having less than a week to act, Corey prioritized my case and identified how the proposed plant violated both state and municipal law.

“I was impressed how Corey worked tenaciously and tirelessly on our case. He was assertive when he needed to be yet kept lines of communication open with the opposing counsel. Corey’s 39 page lawsuit was extremely thorough and well written. The day after we filed the lawsuit, the opposing party contacted us to let us know they decided to settle and relocate the plant elsewhere. I could not be happier with the result and know it would not have happened without Corey’s tireless work.” – Mark (see review on Avvo)

“Helped Me to Obtain My Permanent Residency” | Immigration Case Handled by Attorney Kelsi Cottle

“I have been Kelsi Cottle’s client for almost 4 years now and I have referred to her anyone that needs help with any immigration issue. Kelsi helped me to obtain my permanent residency here so I could be with the love of my life! She was amazing to work with and is very professional and so friendly! You feel like you’re sitting down with a friend. She helped us through the entire process and made it so easy and smooth. I would highly recommend Kelsi to anyone and everyone. My husband and I are so grateful for her help and taking the time to make sure everything was perfect and right the first time. You don’t get this kind of warm and friendly service just anywhere.” – Lyndsay (see review on Avvo)

“Happy with the Results of the Settlement” | Attorney Chadwick Kaehne

“Mr Kaehne and his law firm have handled a few issues for me and my business and I have found him to be a terrific attorney. He helped with an issue on a former employee. Mr. Kaehne was very passionate about helping us and wanted to pursue the case as far as we could to get the justice we deserved. He did advise us that pursuing the case could end up costing our business more then we could financial recover from the incident. In the end, we were happy with the results of the settlement and quite happy that Mr. Kaehne didn’t try to just rack up huge fees, but really looked for a solution that was in the best interest for our business. I would highly recommend Mr. Kaehne to anyone that need an attorney or any legal advice.” – Matt (see review on Avvo)

“Got My House Back” | Divorce Case Handled by Attorney Nicholas Pasquale

“From the moment I first talked to Nick I was impressed. I had gone to see another attorney before him who basically said I was dumb and had no chance against my ex-wife. Nick took ownership of my case as if it were his own and his superior knowledge set us on path for success. He fought hard to get the best outcome for me which in turn got my house back to me. I trust Nick and have recommended him to several friends.” – Nark Jozefowski (see review on Avvo)

“Got the Visa on First Try” | Immigration Case Handled by Attorney Kelsi Cottle

“A young Mexican man, who lost both legs as a youth, needed an operation in the U.S. desperately. Previous attempts to get a visa for medical reasons were unsuccessful. Attorney Kelsi Cottle came forward to help. Through her compassion and diligence, he got the visa on his first try. He obtained the operation and more, and returned to his work helping disabled kids at an orphanage in Mexico. Attorney Kelsi Cottle was an answer to our prayers, and I recommend her highly.” – Don (see review on Avvo)

“I Was Able to Keep My Daughter in My Home” | Family-Law Case Handled by Attorney Corey Mehlos

“I hired Corey to help me keep my daughter when the state filed a CHIPS case accusing me of neglect. Based on the allegations, it was possible that she could be removed from my home and I was not going to let that happen. From day one, Corey went above and beyond my expectations. He challenged untrue allegations, worked with the guardian at litem to clarify misinformation that was provided to her so that it could not be used against me in court, and he kept me informed of my rights throughout the process. Corey listened to me and promptly responded if I had a question. He always did his homework and was prepared for our hearings. I was able to keep my daughter in my home and I appreciate Corey’s hard work on my behalf.” – Karen (see review on Avvo)

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Beyond Expectations

My husband had never been in any legal trouble before and we didn’t know what to do or what the process was. Attorney Kaehne was very upfront and willing to explain every step of the way. My husband can be very skeptical when it comes to trusting people with his best interest, but Attorney Kaehne always remained professional and helpful. My husband was facing the possibility of years in prison and Attorney Kaehne was able to get the matter dismissed. He will always be our first choice!

The Outcome was Far Better than I Expected

Attorney Kaehne always communicated with me on what was going on and his plans for future court appearances. The outcome of the case was far more better than I expected and am really pleased that Chad did what he did to get this issue resolved.

Treated like Family

Amazing people as well as amazing attorneys. I was always treated like family.

Not Guilty Verdict

Attorney Corey Mehlos gave my case the upmost attention. He worked very hard and many long hours on it. I was impressed with his dedication and his understanding to my wishes. Not Guilty verdict at my jury trial. I highly recommend him.

In Good Hands

One of the best things about this firm is that they are truly advocates for you in every sense of the word. They listen, affirm, and explain everything without all the jargon that can so often times come with anything regarding the legal cases. I felt supported and knew I was in good hands.

Getting Responses at 9:00 pm at Night

The best lawyer you can hire for your case! Chad was extremely helpful and polite in answering all of my questions. I was even getting responses to my emails at 9 at night. He did a great job helping me get through the legal process. I recommend him to anyone needing a good lawyer.

Keen Sense of Justice and Honesty

Amaro is a very efficient attorney with extensive knowledge of the hispanic culture and language. He has a keen sense of justice and honesty. For the years I have know him he has proven to be a source of counsel. His clients will find his humble and cordial demeanor, appealing and refreshing. This is why I would recommend Amaro to everyone looking for legal advice.

Never Stops Working

An excellent attorney. Nicholas was very helpful with our case. He excelled at explaining complex legal concepts. Very accessible, we never had an issue getting an answer to a question. I don't think he stops working. Highly recommended.

Passion and Understanding for her Clients' Wishes

Attorney Cottle helped with my immigration case, she made the whole process much less stressful and you could tell she had a passion and understanding for her clients' wishes. Great experience, would highly recommend!

Available and Responsive to Needs of her Clients

Attorney Laborde shows professionalism in everything she does. She is a thorough lawyer who honestly cares about her clients and represents them to her full ability. She makes herself available and is responsive to the needs of her clients. I would certainly recommend her family law services!

Over-the-Top Attorney

From my experience, Attorney Kelsi Cottle has been an over-the-top attorney. She keeps me apprised of my case, has answered my questions, and treats me with respect. She has been very efficient, handles things expediently, and I feel I am represented by a very sharp attorney who has my best interest in mind.