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Atty. Mehlos was a distinguished presenter at the 2017 Wisconsin Drunk Driving Seminar earlier this week.

Attorney Mehlos presented before an audience of attorneys on the subject of Defenses for Drug Recognition Expert cases at the 2017 Wisconsin Drunk Driving Seminar, held in Elkhart Lake, WI.  Attorney Mehlos has never lost a Drug Recognition Expert (“DRE”) case as all of his cases have either been dismissed or reduced to a reckless driving offense, which is not a crime and avoids an operating while impaired conviction. 

Attorney Mehlos’ presentation highlighted strategies he has used to win cases involving the opinions of self-labeled “Drug Recognition Experts,” including using studies that demonstrate how DRE opinions that an arrested driver has a certain category of drugs in his or her body based on a method that is scientifically invalid and uses self-created scoring charts that double-blind studies have proven falsely inflate the accuracy of DRE predictions and hide the fact that officers are only 32 percent accurate at predicting the presence of certain drug categories.  Attorney Mehlos’ presentation also highlighted successful strategies he has used to demonstrate that DREs opinion that a driver is impaired by a drug or prescription medication is scientifically flawed, fails to account for essential factors including medical diagnoses and prescription medication history, and involves a highly subjective and scientifically unreliable process that has been rejected by national experts in pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and opthamology and has never been validated by the scientific community.