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Mandatory AODA Assessment

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Alcohol and Drug Assessment

An alcohol or drug assessment is an interview between a driver and an alcohol and other drug abuse assessor (AODA). The assessor identifies the driver’s alcohol/drug use. As part of the assessment, the assessor develops a driver safety plan for the driver.

When an assessment is required

Anyone convicted of a operating while intoxicated (OWI) related offense is required to contact the approved assessment facility for their county of residence within 72 hours of conviction. Anyone with multiple OWI arrests/convictions over a specified period of time is ordered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) to have an assessment within 45 days. Second and subsequent OWI convictions require completion of an assessment before eligibility for an occupational license. An individual may voluntarily obtain an assessment after an arrest. Information for the authorized assessment facility is available in your county of residence. Wisconsin does not accept online assessments or online alcohol education/counseling programs under any circumstances.

Driver safety plans

Driver safety plans for alcohol/drug related convictions are education or rehabilitation programs based on findings. For example, when an assessor identifies drivers as:

  • Irresponsible Users, they are generally sent to a Group Dynamics-Traffic Safety program
  • Irresponsible Users-Borderline, they are generally a combination of education and short-term, outpatient counseling
  • Suspected Chemical Dependent, they are generally sent to outpatient treatment programs
  • Chemically Dependent, they are generally sent to inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Dependency in Remission, any combination of treatment or education.

After the assessment

The assessor submits a report to the DMV. The Alcohol and Drug Review Unit in the Bureau of Driver Services screens the report to see whether:

  • the assessment and driver safety plan are appropriate
  • the assessor recommends the individual for a license
  • the assessment mentions all OWI related offenses

The person may be eligible for a license once the assessment and plan are submitted.

Non-compliant drivers

All licenses are withdrawn, including occupational licenses, if a person receives another arrest for OWI while in a plan or does not:

  • appear for an assessment
  • comply with a driver safety plan
  • pay the fee for the assessment or the driver safety plan

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