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When Should You Hire A Defense Attorney

Never go into a Courtroom Alone!

By hiring a criminal defense attorney right away, you will have an advocate on your side defending your rights. The longer you wait to retain your attorney, the more you stand to risk by going through the process alone. What may appear to be a simple matter could become incredibly complex without competent and dedicated professional assisting you. Your future may be at stake and you only have one chance to defend yourself. Never go into a courtroom alone!

Are you Under Investigation?
If you are being investigated for a crime, your attorney should be present during any and all questioning. Police officers may tell you that your attorney is not required for the preliminary questioning and they may tell you that they are simply asking routine questions. However, the answers given by you to those questions will become evidence later. You don’t get a second chance. If you are being investigated and you have retained our attorneys, we will help you make crucial decisions so that you can rest assured all of your valuable constitutional rights are upheld. If you have not hired one of our attorneys, then you should ask for the time to do so before you answer any questions by a police officer. You have a constitutional right to have your attorney present during any questioning by law enforcement.
The investigators may ask you difficult questions as they try to get information from you and trick you into giving the answers they would like. Our defense attorneys can protect you from this type of questioning. The reality is that your attorney is trained to know the legal system and having him or her present during the investigative process can sometimes influence charges being reduced or even avoided all together. You can’t afford to do this alone!

Have you Been Arrested?
If you have been arrested, the authorities should have provided you with a statement of your Miranda rights. These rights are guaranteed by the United States and Wisconsin Constitution’s and include the right to have your attorney present during any questioning. You should make sure to maintain these rights. An attorney is necessary from this point forward to ensure that justice is upheld and you receive the best outcome possible.

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