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“Pro se” is Latin and literally means “for oneself”.  Therefore, a pro se divorce is a divorce where the parties do not retain lawyers and proceed through the divorce process on their own.  All pleadings, motions, affidavits, financial disclosure statements, parenting plans and other necessary court filings are prepared by the parties.  The parties must attend all court hearings, and if there are any contested issues, must present evidence and argument to the trial court.  While the court does grant some latitude to pro se litigants, the rules of procedure and evidence that apply to lawyers also apply to pro se litigants.

Many resources are available to pro se litigants to aid them in navigating the divorce process.  Most jurisdictions have available at their county courthouse information packets that can be purchased and will assist individuals in preparing the documents necessary to commence a divorce/family law action.  Online resources are also available to pro se individuals.

While we at do not recommend proceeding with a court action without the assistance of an attorney, we recognize that not all parties to a court action believe that having legal counsel is necessary or affordable.  Be mindful of the person or agency providing you documents if you have decided to handle your divorce alone.  Licensed lawyers must maintain rigorous ethical standards and have a duty to represent your interests.  A non-licensed person providing you divorce documents can not provide legal advice.  Be especially concerned if you receive unsolicited advice from a non-licensed person.

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