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We Define Success for our Clients by understanding that facing any type of legal issue can be an intimidating and confusing process. More importantly, there can be a lot at stake. Whatever your situation, our attorneys will take time to discuss your case in its entirety with you each step of the way. Our goal is to help you win your life back when faced with a difficult situation. We offer expert legal services in Appleton, Sheboygan, Oshkosh and Green Bay communities and surrounding areas.

Practice Areas

Family Law & Divorce
You want to do what makes your family strongest long-term.  Sometimes that involves legal counsel on child custody or child support.  Sometimes that requires mediation or divorce.  Whatever your family needs, our family law attorneys can help.

Criminal Law
Accused of a crime in Wisconsin?  Our experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorneys can help you build the strongest defense.  We handle a full range of criminal charges and cases, from drug crimes, to property crimes, to violent crimes, and more.

Whatever your history behind the wheel, it’s important to know your rights and legal options.  Our drunk-driving attorneys will make sure you get full representation and a fair shake.

You want to start a new life in America and work toward the American dream, but the immigration system is nearly impossible to understand and navigate.  Our compassionate immigration attorneys will represent you aggressively, defend your rights, and walk you toward your goals.

Bankruptcy is hard enough without all the legal complications.  Our bankruptcy attorneys will help you navigate the legal minefield, so you can start fresh.

Personal Injury
Our personal injury attorneys can help you or a loved one get the compensation you deserve.  We handle a wide range of injury cases, including negligence, auto accidents, construction accidents, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, dog bites, and motorcycle accidents.

The Growth of our Firm

Founded on the principle that not only should a law firm be both reputable and aggressive in serving the needs of our clients, but also passionate with the ability to understand the real life anxiety our clients face in a legal dispute. As Appleton, the surrounding Fox Cities, and Sheboygan have grown over the years, so has our law firm. With multiple office locations in Outagamie, Sheboygan, Winnebago and Brown Counties, six experienced lawyers and even more professional support staff, have the combined legal experience to reach your legal goals.

Success Recognized by our Peers and Clients

A top attorney is measured by their peers and former clients. Any lawyer can claim they are experienced and highly-rated, but when other attorneys recognize you statewide, those words take on a whole new meaning. Super Lawyers and Milwaukee Magazine publish a list of top attorneys in their respective areas of law as determined by a Wisconsin wide survey of their peers. Our attorneys have been named on that list. Recognized as Rising Stars, no more than 2.5% of the lawyers in the state received this honor.

Our lawyers have been recognized by other leading peer review rankings such as Avvo and Martindale-Hubbel. We have been ranked 10 out of 10 by Avvo and listed as “superb” lawyers. There are three main components to the Avvo rating: Experience, Industry Recognition, and Professional Conduct. Additionally, our clients have recognized our services by our receipt of our many Avvo’s Client Choice Awards and Martindale-Hubbel’s Client Distinction Award, only 4% of listed attorneys receive this recognition.

But there is no higher honor than when our clients and colleagues regularly referral their friends and families to our offices for our legal services. We are proud of our firm’s growth and reputation by stating that our main source of new clients has been consistently referrals from those that matter most – our clients.

Our Attorneys are Experts in their Specific Areas of Law

Whether it is personal injury, divorce, other family-law matters, immigration, criminal defense, estate planning, or drunk driving (OWI) defense, our lawyers excel in their respective areas of law. You can be assured that your lawyer has the expertise and experience to handle your legal matter. We will work tirelessly to know the ins and outs of your case so that there are never any surprises that could be detrimental to the outcome of your case.

One of the best things about this firm is that they are truly advocates for you in every sense of the word. They listen, affirm, and explain everything without all the jargon that can so often times come with anything regarding the legal cases. I felt supported and knew I was in good hands.

Wow one hell of a lawyer team small staff but very much bang for the buck. If you find yourself in a problem or a Dad in a divorce he will help you only lawyer I could truly recommend. He is not a discount lawyer by any means so be prepared but he is cheap in the long run for the time he will save you of years with out kids.

Attorney Kelsi Cottle is an extremely talented, educated, well-versed attorney. She is friendly, easy to work with, and never treats you like a number. I consider Attorney Cottle an above-average attorney in her areas of practice. She has always treated me with respect, and addressed questions and concerns. I have never been brushed off and have had any concerns addressed. When I was in for an appointment, she looks you in the eye, is genuine, concerned, and personally has your best interest in mind. I can say from my personal experience you should be more than satisfied with her work, efficiency, meticulous performance; she never rushes you out of your appointment. She will do the best job for you and I know would never charge more than she has to. You are getting excellent legal representation with Attorney Cottle and I highly recommend her from my personal experience with her (May 20, 2016) and she is still handling my case. If you want a genuine, quality attorney, this is who you need to consult. Sincerely and respectfully, Susan.

I'd never hired an attorney before, and never expected to be in a position where I had to. But last year, I was involved in a sudden and unusual incident that left me facing criminal charges, potentially disastrous penalties, and threatened to turn my life upside down. I was scared and at a loss of what I could do. Chad, it turned out, was exactly what I needed. He not only took the time to explore my options and carefully explain them to me; he listened. He wasn't pushy or judgmental. He was calm when I was nervous, reassuring when I was in doubt, and his optimism proved to be contagious. He had a friendly, easygoing attitude that often made me forget why I was so apprehensive. Even when things were scary or in doubt, he never let me feel hopeless. That mattered a lot to me. Ultimately, he was able to reduce my charges and secure an agreement with the court that saved me from penalties that would have been costly and damaging, and steered me towards counseling and self-improvement that's helped me in a number of ways. He took the worst period of my life and helped me navigate my way through it with clarity, honesty, and professionalism that never felt too formal. A good man to have in your corner.

Attorney Laborde was very assisting in our disputes. She clarified any questions I had and answered them in detail. She knows her stuff and was very reachable. I would highly recommend her as she made a difficult process as easy as possible.

Amaro is a very efficient attorney with extensive knowledge of the hispanic culture and language. He has a keen sense of justice and honesty. For the years I have know him he has proven to be a source of counsel. His clients will find his humble and cordial demeanor, appealing and refreshing. This is why I would recommend Amaro to everyone looking for legal advice.

Friendly staff, knowledgeable attorneys, just what my wife and I needed when dealing with the long process of getting her green card. Thank you for all the help!

Only have great things to say about Chadwick Kaehne and his practice. I called him personally with a lot of fear and doubt on a charge that my mother was facing. All was rest assured when he listed to what was going on and told me once he was retained he would take things over and tell us what are options were. Long story short - my mother was facing a 3rd DUI (criminal charge) and he was able to knock it down to a 1st offence (misdemeanor). My mom always felt comfortable having a reputable lawyer standing by her side and we owe that all to him. I could rant and rave all day about all the positive things I have to say about this guy but the fact is, if your facing charges for something and your in fear of the potential outcome give him a call and let him take it from there.

Attorney Cottle's experience, knowledge and honesty has lead to many referrals from myself to family and friends. She is very understanding and explains thoroughly the details of your case. I couldn't ask for a better person to take on my immigration cases. I truly believe she is the most honest attorney in her field.

When I was looking for a attorney I went and met with attorney Chad Kaehne. I was looking for a attorney to help me with child custody. I told him what I was looking for and he told me what he would do if I hired him. I liked what he told me at our first meeting and I hired him that day. He never left me not knowing what was happening with my case. He always gave 100% and never gave up on me. What I asked for he got it for me even when he had to do some research to help get it. I would highly recommend choosing him for any kind of help needed. I will always know it will be chad i would go to if need an attorney again.

Attorney Kaehne is an excellent attorney who does a real thorough job in looking at all the angles. He is very intelligent and compassionate with a background in psychology which helps him understand people. He did not give up till we received a satisfactory result from a very difficult district attorney who was not being realistic with some very un-reasonable charges. Thank you Attorney Kaehne. Hopefully I will never need an attorney again, but I would go to him if I need help! ;)

Attorney Kaehne was retained for a criminal matter involving a family member. He provided personal service, expert advice, and kept us informed of everything from day one. He proved to be very effective in communicating with both our family, as well as the prosecuting attorney, and relaying the pertinent information in a timely manner. He really took the time to make sure we understood the whole process. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Highest Marks A few months ago I hired Chad to take my DUI case. When presented he listened closely and explained what steps he would take if hired. He followed through with discovery, motions to suppress. The outcome was in my favor. The case dismissed. Now, I can't say this will happen for all, but it my case it did. I recommend him highly. His prep of my case was thorough and well thought out. He had done his homework and new exactly the case law the judge referred. Again, I highly recommend Chad. I might add, if the case would not have gone in the direction it did, I still recommend Chad. Not only for the above reasons, but for his no nonsense approach. He told me what I was facing, what might occur. There were no surprises.

Kelsi is absolutely amazing. Along with her team, she made sure that my husband and I understood the process all the steps of the way. Extremely informative, dedicated and very attentive. Kelsi and her team were always one step ahead,. If there was a possibility of any bad news coming our way, her staff would call and set up a meeting for us to meet and Kelsi would have a strategy with which to tackle the obstacle, all ready to go pending our approval. I think the most impact Kelsi has made on me was the amount of emotional support she provided and constant reassurance that, no matter what she will work hard to get the desirable results for me and my family. The only attorney that I've met that continued to keep on top of my case and stay in touch with me even during her maternity leave. Thank you Kelsi Cottle and your team for all you do. I would recommend any and all of your offices to anyone looking for legal consultation or needing a legal representation.

Fantastic firm with fantastic service Chad and Nick handled my bankruptcy and I could not have been happier. I called Chad after feeling way too much stress from the many medical bills I owed after getting seriously ill. Chad was so calm and so comforting to talk with. He told me he could help me file a chapter 7 and helped me to understand it was nothing to feel bad or guilty about filing for bankruptcy. Chad and Nick were professional, easy to work with, and very organized. Most of our interactions happened through email. They were both very responsive and answered all my questions. I truly appreciate them for taking away my stress and helping me start over in life.

An excellent attorney. Nicholas was very helpful with our case. He excelled at explaining complex legal concepts. Very accessible, we never had an issue getting an answer to a question. I don't think he stops working. Highly recommended.

While the reason for my need of an attorney (divorce) is emotional, Attorney Laborde has been very kind, and a pleasure to go through this with. She is patient with me, and she always gives me time to think of and ask more questions when we meet or speak on the phone. I had sent an email on a Saturday and she called me back on Sunday! Attorney Laborde is very organized and detail oriented. Every meeting, including the first hearing with my husband and the Commissioner, she was calm and confident which helped my nerves and anxiety remain calm and confident. The office is very friendly as well. Again, the reason is unfortunate, but the experience with Attorney Laborde really has been excellent.

Areas of Practice

Never Go Into A Courtroom Alone!


Never Go Into a Courtroom Alone!

When you are facing a serious legal matter, you need a trusted and experienced legal advocate on your side, not only to match the legal opposition, but to beat them.  We work tirelessly to know the ins and outs of your case, so there are never any surprises.  Hire the best legal representation that offer a level of persistence and excellence to obtain the best result in your legal matter.  At Kaehne, Cottle, Pasquale & Associates, S.C., we have the skill, knowledge and reputation for winning.

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