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What To Do If You Are Arrested

Call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The police may read you your rights, photograph you, and take your fingerprints. Having an attorney who can preserve your rights while you are in police custody can increase your chances of a more successful defense. If you are arrested you do not have to answer any questions except to give your name and address, or to show identification. It is important that you do not knowingly give false information to an officer as that may lead to a criminal charge itself.

If you are arrested it usually means that your case is serious enough that you could be sentenced to jail. Most misdemeanor charges carry a sentence range of up to a year in jail, while felony charges may be punishable by a sentence in the Wisconsin state prison system. All cases are different and outcomes vary depending upon the complexity of the case, the gravity of the alleged offense(s), and an individual’s past criminal record, to name few.

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