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Personal Injury FAQ's

Q. What are the major reasons claims are denied?

One of the most common reason claims are denied is due to the lack of familiarity with the law. This can occur as a result of inadequate, incompetent, representation or self-representation.


Q. Do I need an attorney to represent me in a personal injury or auto accident matter?

The primary reason you may need an attorney will be to maximize the amount of benefits or damages you may be entitled to receive. Insurance companies have developed techniques and procedures designed to reduce benefits they pay. They hire advisors and have people on staff whose sole job is to reduce the amount of benefits they pay. After all, this is how they maximize their profits and bottom lines. You need an experienced and dedicated attorney on your side to ensure you are awarded the highest amount of benefits possible.


Q. How do I know I have a claim?

Each case varies based on the specific circumstances. The only way to know for sure that you have a case is to contact us today to schedule your no charge case evaluation to review the details of your case and to discuss your options.


Q. How long would my case take?

No two cases are alike. Most cases depend on the nature and extent of the injury itself. Some injuries may show up immediately, while others may take several months. Resolutions of some cases depend on when the injuries heal or whether disabilities become prevalent.

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