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License Suspension/Revocation

Driver's License Suspension/Revocation

Should your operating privileges be suspended, you will receive a notice from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles. Should this happen, you may be eligible for an Occupational License, which will allow you to operate a motor vehicle at specific designated times and counties. Total driving time is limited to 12 hours each day and no more than 60 hours per week. If you operate outside those specific hours or for a purpose not permitted on the occupational license, you face arrest for operating after suspension OWS or revocation OAR. In order apply for your Occupational License, you must complete an application remit them personally to the local Department of Motor Vehicles center. Please remember, you can not apply for an Occupational License until after you receive notice that you regular driver's license has been suspended.

A Wisconsin OWI conviction results in a one year suspension of your commercial driver license regardless of whether you were driving commercially at the time. A second OWI conviction will result in a permanent revocation of your CDL. Occupational licenses are not available to drive commercial vehicles.

As indicated on the instructions within the application for your Occupational License, you will have to pay a $50.00 application fee. Further, you will have to obtain a high risk insurance policy, commonly this is issued as a certificate known as "SR22". You can obtain a "SR22" Insurance Certificate by contacting a private insurance carrier. Once you have obtained this insurance, you will need to provide proof to the Department of Motor Vehicles by remitting a copy of your insurance certificate when you apply for your Occupational License.

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