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Who holds the power?

Who holds the power?

Who are the most powerful people involved in a divorce case? The Judge? The Attorneys? Or maybe the Guardian ad Litem. Any one of these as an answer would be understanding; but the parties, if properly advised by his or her counsel, hold the most power in a divorce case. The parties the power to come together, discuss each's goals in the case, and work out an agreement to the issues. When the parties refuse to negotiate, negotiate in bad faith, take positions rather than make goals, and put their own interests above the best interests of their children, they relinquish all of their power and put that power in the hands of the Judge. The Judge then renders a decision based upon the law, recommendations of the Guardian ad Litem, how that Judge views the credibility of each party and each party's evidence and what the judge believes to be in the best interests of the any minor children.

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